API Changelog

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Our complete API documentation can be found here: weclapp API. Previous API changes and other changes can be read in the changelog.

Preview Version 21.18.1 – October 28th, 2021

New Endpoints for Personal Accounting Code and Article Accounting Code

New endpoints /articleAccountingCode and /personalAccountingCode are available for: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Only the field “name” is mandatory for the POST method.

Changes for Endpoint Shipment

Regardless of the status of the shipment, the following fields are always editable:

  • shippingCarrierId
  • shippingCarrierName
  • shippingReturnCarrierId
  • shippingReturnCarrierName
  • additionalDeliveryInformation

Version 21.17.1 – October 14th, 2021

New endpoint for quotations

With the newly available endpoint /quotation/id/{id}/createQuotationPdf it is possible to create and download a quotation document.

Shipments & Incoming Goods

Shipment api: Shipments won’t be shown anymore if the recipientParty is a party which the user can’t see (Setting “May only view own contacts” enabled at user)

Incoming goods api: Incoming goods won’t be shown anymore if the senderParty is a party which the user can’t see (Setting “May only view own contacts” enabled at user)

User is added to documents API endpoint

When retrieving document information, the user, who uploaded the document, is now also displayed.
Fields: userId

New field for record endpoints

New field disableEmailTemplate (Boolean) for the following record endpoints:

/purchaseOrderRequest, /shipment, /incomingGoods, /purchaseOrder, /purchaseInvoice, /salesInvoice, /salesOrder, /quotation

Italy: Fattura Elettronica

If the optional invoice workflow action “Create Fattura elettronica-XML” is active, sales orders of payment type “retail sale” cannot be created anymore.

Version 21.16.1 – September 30th, 2021

External connections

New endpoint /externalConnection

Used to get the name and externalConnectionType of externalConnections. ExternalConnections are used in the new ecommerceOrder attribute of salesOrders.

New article fields

With our external connections improvements, system additional fields (per store connection) are added as customAttributes to articles. The following attributes were added:

  • Showare5, Shopware6, Magento1, Magento2, WooCommerce & Shopify: “Available in shop”, “Active in shop” and “Sync stock”
  • Shopify: “Variant ID” & “Product ID”
  • Shopware 6: “Sales Channel”.
  • ITscope & Synaxon: “Available in shop
  • Amazon: “Sync stock

Breaking API Change:
In this context the article fieldavailableInShopis removed
and will be listed under customAttributes of the article.

Removement of Amazon Article fields

Breaking API Change: Amazon fields  amazonSKU, amazonFBASKU, amazonSmallLightSku and amazonASIN have been removed from the API and will be listed under customAttributes of the article.


New field ecommerceOrder and attributes for sales orders and sales order items

ecommerceOrderis added as new field with the the following attributes:

  • ecommerceId ->Shop-ID for this sales order
  • externalConnectionId-> weclapp ID for external connection 
  • externalConnectionName -> name external connection
  • ecommerceOrderItemId -> for shops OrderId and for Amazon OrderItemId is listed

Custom Attributes

systemCustomAttribute is a new boolean attribute of /customAttributeDefinition. It’s not changeable or setable via the API (New creation sets “false”).

New fields & endpoint for articles

New fields expenseAccountId and expenseAccountNumber for endpoint /article.

New field customsDescription in endpoint /article.

Party Salutation

The field “salutation” in /party now also accepts the value “NO_SALUTATION”.


New endpoint for shipments

Create an invoice from shipment by using POST /shipment/id/{id}/createSalesInvoice

Thus an invoice can be created directly from shipment, before it was only possible from sales order.

New fields for shipment addresses

Incoming Goods

  • customerDeliveryAddress: Primary shipping address of the customer in case of a return
  • customerInvoiceAddress:Primary billing address of the customer in case of a return
  • invoiceAddress:Billing address


  • invoiceAddress: Different billing address
  • shippedFromAddress: Own company address

Additionally all fields are available via PUT.

Improved validation for /contact

When creating a contact, the API now tells the requester which mandatory field is not filled.


Fattura Elettronica

Breaking API Change: The field fatturaElettronicaXmlDocumentType in endpoint salesInvoice is removed and instead an additional attribute can be filled with the same values.

Habitual Exporter

New fields for endpoint /party

  • habitualExporter writable for customers
  • purchaseViaPlafond writable for suppliers
  • partyHabitualExporterLettersOfIntent writable for customers with habitualExporter = true and for suppliers with purchaseViaPlafond = true

New field for endpoints /purchaseInvoice and /purchaseOrder

  • supplierHabitualExporterLetterOfIntentId writable to select a letter of intent in purchase order or purchase invoice

New field for /salesInvoice and /salesOrder

  • customerHabitualExporterLetterOfIntentId writable to select a letter of intent in sales order or sales invoice

To write all of the above fields, “Habitual Exporter & Purchase via Plafond” needs to be enabled in CRM settings.

Version 21.15.1 – September 16th, 2021

Description for sales and purchase prices

The field name has been added for reductionAdditions.

Available for endpoints:


Reference between shipments and purchase orders

For shipments, the reference to a purchase order was added.

This is relevant for supplier returns.

The purchase orders are referenced via: purchaseOrders (Array[id])

Version 21.14.1 – September 2nd, 2021

Unification of the field type “description”

  • html tags are now included for /description and can be passed to weclapp via PUT.
  • description field  is added for /purchaseOrderRequest, /productionOrder, /shipment.
  • description can now be edited by API, if the document is no longer in capture (previously this was only possible in the application)

HTML text editor for form texts

  • html text editor available for all form texts
  • API fields/recordComment, /recordFreeText, /recordOpening:html tags are now included, via PUT they can also be passed to weclapp accordingly.

Version 21.13.2 – August 26th, 2021

New fieldadvancePaymentStatus for endpoint /salesOrder

advancePaymentStatus as new property for sales orders.

Possible values are: null, OPEN or PAID

Version 21.13.1 – August 19th, 2021

User Setting: Not allowed to use API token

Decide if specific users should not be able to use the API token (My weclapp > User).

New fieldreservationsfor endpoint/warehouseStock

Reservations show the reserved quantity of the stock and the production order or shipment item for which the reservation is made.

"reservations": [
{"productionOrderItemId": "X",
"shipmentItemId": "X",
"reservedQuantity": "X" }


New field customerBusinessType for endpoint /party

New field customerBusinessType for the endpoint /party.
Possible values are: B2B, B2C, B2G

Version 21.12.1 – August 5th, 2021


SalesInvoice can now be canceled via API by using the “VOID” status.

Incoming Goods

incomingGoods can be cancelled by using the status “INCOMING_CANCELLED”.

New endpoint: legalForm

New endpoint legalForm is available with: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE

With this endpoint, legal forms can be created and edited.

Purchase Order Request

New fields for endpoint purchaseOrderRequest

* purchaseOrderRequestNumber
* salesOrderId
* salesOrderNumber
* quotationId
* quotationNumber

API Changes only for italian customers (using FatturaPA)

  • validation for sales invoice/credit note number range
  • deactivation of invoices/credit notes cancellation for italian tenants

Further details can be read in our Changelog as soon as published.

Version 21.10.1 – July 8th, 2021

Sales order items

  • The fields invoicedQuantity and shippedQuantity are now available for sales order items. The fields show how much has already been shipped/invoiced.

Version 21.09.1 – June 24th, 2021


The supplier number of customer (customerSupplierNumber) has been added to the party entity. The field is available as GET and PUT.


The “revenue account field” (accountId) has been added and is available via GET and PUT.


Accept or reject quotations by API. Set the field status to ACCEPTED or REJECTED. When accepting a quotation all items will be transfered to the next record, for example sales order.


The declared value amount of shipments is now availably by API. The fields declaredValueAmount, declaredValueAmountCurrencyId and declaredValueAmountCurrencyName have been added to /shipment.

Customer Return

The differing invoice recipient for customer returns is now available by API. UseinvoiceRecipientId for /incomingGoods for incomingGoodsType = “CUSTOMER_RETURN”.

Sales Invoices

New read-only field paymentStatus for /salesInvoice.

Read by API if the sales invoice or credit note has no open item, has an open item, is paid, or cleared (with a credit note).

Quotation-, Sales Order- and Sales Invoice Items

The fields ServicePeriodFrom and ServicePeriodTo are available via GET, PUT, POST for quotation-/ salesOrder- and salesInvoiceItems.

Purchase Order & Purchase Invoice

The fields ServicePeriodFrom and ServicePeriodTo are available via GET, PUT, POST.

Version 21.08.1 – June 10th, 2021

Supplier requests

Supplier requests are now available via API with the new endpoint /purchaseOrderRequest

This endpoint can be used to read, edit or create supplier requests.

Available for: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Possible status:

  • NEW

Status for purchaseOrderRequestOffers:

  • OPEN

You can create a purchase order or a blanket purchase order from the supplier request:

POST /purchaseOrderRequest/id/{id}/createPurchaseOrder

POST /purchaseOrderRequest/id/{id}/createBlanketPurchaseOrder

Purchase order items

The fields plannedDeliveryDate and plannedShippingDate have been added to purchaseOrderItems.


The fields warehouseId and warehouseName have been added to /quotation.


The link of shipment items to sales order items is now available by API.

New field salesOrderItemId in shipmentItems in /shipment (read-only).

Version 21.07.1 – May 27th, 2021

New endpoint for  sales orders (salesOrder)

POST /createDropshipping
POST /createPurchaseOrder

This endpoint can be used to create a purchase order or a dropshipping from a sales order.

Upload shipping labels for shipments

Shipping labels (only PDF files) can now be uploaded for shipments. Use the parameters name and description (optional).
POST /shipment/id/{ID}/createShippingLabelPdf?name=XYZ&description=XYZ

Article cost centers

Article cost centers are now available via the API. Extension of the endpoint /article with the fields:

  • purchaseCostCenterId
  • purchaseCostCenterNumber
  • salesCostCenterId and
  • salesCostCenterNumber


Accounting transactions (accountingTransaction)

Next to the transactionDetails, the currency is now also part of the /accountingTransaction. New fields currencyId and currencyName in endpoint /accountingTransaction.

Changing the data types of some properties from integer to string

  • /incomingGoods
    purchaseOrderId (int -> string)
  • /salesOrder
    defaultShippingCarrierId,defaultShippingReturnCarrierId (int -> string)
  • /shipment
    shippingCarrierId, shippingReturnCarrierId (int -> string)

Version 21.06.1 – May 12th, 2021

Opportunities can be filtered by topics and topics can be used as referenced entities:

Version 21.05.1 – April 29th, 2021

Sales Order
New endpoint /salesOrder/id/{id}/shipOrderForExternalFulfillment
available for: POST


Sales and Purchase Invoices
Extension to up to five “costCenterItems” per “salesInvoiceItems” or per “purchaseInvoiceItems”.

Version 21.04.1 – April 15th, 2021

Phone Number in Addresses
The field “phoneNumber” has been added to all addresses (e.g. for the endpoints/party, /salesOrder, /salesInvoice).



New endpoint /opportunityTopic (topics of opportunities)

Available for: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Extension of the opportunity endpoint /opportunity with the array field “topics”.



Pivate tasks must have an agent.